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Glitter Tattoos add some sparkle to your event and see your guests to shine! Need pool party ideas? Try some kids tattoos, temporary tattoos like glitter tattoos are always a hit!

Safety First!
  • Our talented temporary glitter tattoo artists have years of experience with both glitter tattoos and working with the public (especially children) here in Orlando.  
  • All of the materials used to create  our temporary glitter tattoos are made of 100% skin safe, hypoallergenic, and FDA compliant materials.
    • Every glitter tattoo is created using a one-time use hypoallergenic stencil insuring there will be no cross contamination between individuals.
    • All the glitter used is FDA compliant, hypoallergenic, cosmetic glitter. NO CRAFT GLITTER! Craft glitter can be extremely abrasive to the skin causing allergic reactions and irritation.
    • We use a surgical grade adhesive, similar to 'liquid stitches', to insure that the glitter for every temporary will stay for several days. It can be easily removed by rubbing alcohol, baby oil, or some moisture rich lotions without irritation to the skin.
  • Due to the delicate nature of a baby's skin we are unable to apply glitter tattoos to those under the age of two.
  • All temporary glitter tattoo artists are covered by full liability insurance. 

How can glitter tattoos help to make my event unforgettable?

  • Kids tattoos? YES! Pool parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, bachelorette parties, 
    school carnivals, church carnivals, and even corporate parties can always use a bit more fun and whimsy!

  • Temporary glitter tattoos are totally water proof making them the ideal way to enhance any pool party. 

  • Yes they are temporary tattoos, but they can last between 3-7 days depending on location of the tattoo and how it is cared for.
  • From sparkling pink unicorns to glimmering black skulls these tattoos are a hit with boys and girls alike. Even those who are 'kids at heart' cant resist the chance to add some body bling! From cherries to dragons and everything in-between we have a design for everyone. 
  • Few things can match the joy on someones face when they jump out of the pool or emerge from the bounce castle to find their glitter tattoo sparkling proudly and undamaged... except maybe the look of grandpa flaunting his sparking superman tattoo to the family!
Booking information:

  • Most common events --> pool parties, outdoor events, birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, bachelorette parties, holiday events, fundraisers, and carnivals.
    • Because outdoor and especially pool parties are so popular here in Orlando please consider glitter tattoos rather then face paint for these types of events.
  • Number of temporary glitter tattoos per hour --> can vary based on complexity of the design and number of colors used but averages 20 tattoos
  • The cost --> specific charges vary depending on the nature of the event and number of guests expected. Discounts are applied to charity events and those booking multiple services. Please call or e-mail for a detailed quote.
    • Please remember that we are an Orlando based company and as such, there may be a travel fee for events that are outside our area.
  • Phone: (407) 896-1711 
  • email: Mably@facefantastic.com 

  • We can't wait to here from you, but remember to book early to avoid disappointment!!

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