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Henna Tattoos add the fun of tattoos without the pain and permanency! have you wondered where to get henna tattoos? Try Face Fantastic for your henna needs!

Safety First!
  • Our talented temporary henna tattoo artists have years of experience with henna and temporary tattoos here in Orlando.  
  • All of the materials used to create our temporary henna tattoos are made of 100% skin safe, hypoallergenic, and FDA compliant materials.
    • Henna paste is made from the leaves of the henna plant and is always brown in color, NEVER BLACK! Black henna has been mixed with hair die and can cause permanent scaring to the skin and severe allergic reactions.
    • Indigo Henna is made from the flower of the henna plant and is blue. As it is much more expensive we only supply it when specifically requested.  
    • Henna paste is applied to the skin and will flake off as it dries leaving behind a stain on the skin that can last as long as three weeks. The stain remains until the skin that is stained is exfoliated away.
    • Glitter henna is applied using surgical grade adhesive and cosmetic grade glitter and can be removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.
  • Due to the length of time it takes henna paste to dry we do not recommend henna tattoos for pool parties or for young children.
  • All temporary henna tattoo artists are covered by full liability insurance. 

How can henna temporary tattoos help to make my event unforgettable?

  • Fake tattoos? YES! Birthday parties, holiday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, bachelorette parties, 
    school carnivals, church carnivals, and even corporate parties can always use a bit more fun and whimsy!

  • Temporary henna tattoos are perfect for any event or party that needs something that can bring on a child-like smile in a more mature audience.

  • Yes they are temporary tattoos, but they can last up to three weeks depending on location of the tattoo and how it is cared for.
  • We have designs to please any crowd from as well as the ability to create totally unique and personalized designs. 
  • Glitter henna is the best of both glitter tattoos and henna tattoos. You get the sparkle and removability of a glitter tattoo and the personalization of a henna tattoo!  
Booking information:

  • Most common events --> birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, bachelorette parties, holiday events, fundraisers, and carnivals.
    • Due to the humidity here in Orlando please consider airbrush or glitter tattoos rather then henna tattoos for outdoor events.
  • Number of temporary henna tattoos per hour --> varies greatly based on complexity and size of the designs chosen but can be between 6-20 tattoos
  • The cost --> specific charges vary depending on the nature of the event and number of guests expected. Discounts are applied to charity events and those booking multiple services. Please call or e-mail for a detailed quote.
    • Please remember that we are an Orlando based company and as such, there may be a travel fee for events that are outside our area.
  • Phone : (407) 896-1711
  • email:Mably@facefantastic.com 

We can't wait to here from you, but remember to book early to avoid disappointment!!

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